Hand Made Eyelash Extension Segmented Flase Lashes

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Color: 006

Curl: D

Length: 9mm

Product Description

Enhance your natural beauty with YGirlash Hand Made Eyelash Extension Segmented False Lashes. These dramatic lash bundles feature a soft ribbon strip, creating a seamless and natural look. With DIY application, you can achieve professional results at home. Elevate your makeup game effortlessly.

These Hand Made YGirlash False Eyelashes feature a black cotton stalk, length of above 1.5cm, and are made from synthetic hair. They have a dramatic clustered style and come in one unit. These lashes are hand made with a lightweight and flexible PBT Fiber material, and are known for being light, natural, and soft. They can easily be removed from tape and maintain their original shape for over a year. Plus, their high quality wallpaper prevents any residue on the eyelash holder and strong adhesive allows for recycling. Get your DIY Clusters Eyelash Extension Segmented Strip Lashes now.