Digital Thermometer Infrared Non-contact Temperature Measurement Device

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Product Description

What's more important than knowing how you feel? Knowing if you are sick or not. This handy and accurate thermometer gun is the perfect way to monitor your body temperature. With the easy-to-use thermometer gun, you can quickly and accurately gauge your body temperature. The included universal probe head is perfect for all types of body temperature readings. You can check your temperature without getting up to take a rectal reading. Accurate and fast, it's the perfect way to diagnose fever and illness.


Accurate & Fast &Universal —With microcomputer chip can quickly determine the accurate body temperature in 1 second , accurate to within 0.1°F,Easily diagnose fever or illness. Meanwhile, it has body mode and surface mode. Body measurement temperature: 35 ~ 42° C (95 ~ 107.6 ° F); Object measurement temperature: 0 ~ 100 ° C (32 ~ 212 ° F). Not only for body temperature, but also for room, food, bath water. Suitable for companies, schools, homes.

Non Contact -- More safer and healthier, digital LCD Infrared Forehead Thermometer is very easy to use, measure body temperature without touching the skin, avoid cross-infection and use with confidence.

Intelligent —Health Indicator and alarm colors for monitoring the health of the baby all the time.The value of the memory data indicates the early measurements.Max memory number:32.


Obviously Warning system—The digital thermometer comes with different voice remind. Once it detects a abnormal temperature, it will give a fast and rapid three “di” voice.


6.29*3.94*1.81 inch

Package Includes:

1* Thermometer Gun


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