Thick Baby Shark EVA Slippers Non-slip Soft Bottom Baby Sandals

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Tip: US/Canada Toddler size 7 is Europe size 25.

Label size(EUR) Size(US) Foot length (Inches)
27 9 Toddler 6.3
28 9.5 Little Kid 6.5
29 10.5 Little Kid 6.8
30 11 Little Kid 7.0
31 12 Little Kid 7.2
32 12.5 Little Kid 7.6
33 13 Little Kid 7.7
34 1 Big Kid 7.9
35 2 Big Kid 8.3
36 3 Big Kid 8.6
37 4 Big Kid 8.8
38 5 Big Kid 9.2
39 6 Big Kid 9.4
How to measure?
1. Foot length
Measure the maximum length of your foot.
2. Foot width
Measure the maximum width of your foot.
3. Ball girth
Wrap a tape to measure around the widest part of your foot.
4. Platform height
Measure the vertical distance from the forefoot of the sole to the forefoot inside the shoe.
5. Heel height
Measure the vertical distance from the top of the heel to the bottom of the heel.
6. Shaft circumference
Measure the circumference of the boot's mouth.
7. Calf circumference
Measure the circumference of the boot at the widest point on the calf.
8. Shoe inter length
Measure the forefoot-to-heel distance inside the shoe.
9. Shaft height
Measure the vertical straight-line distance from the center point of the back of the shoe to the mou
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International size conversions
9 Toddler 26 8.5 Toddler 16cm 160 16cm
9.5 Little Kid 26.5 9 Little Kid 16.5cm 165 16.5cm
10.5 Little Kid 27.5 10 Little Kid 17cm 170 17cm
11 Little Kid 28 10.5 Little Kid 17.5cm 175 17.5cm
12 Little Kid 29-29.5 11.5 Little Kid 18.5cm 185 18.5cm
12.5 Little Kid 30 12 Little Kid 19cm 190 19cm
13 Little Kid 30.5-31 12.5 Little Kid 19.5cm 195 19.5cm
1 Big Kid 32 13.5 Little Kid 20cm 200 20cm
2 Big Kid 33.5 1.5 Big Kid 21cm 210 21cm
3 Big Kid 34.5-35 2.5 Big Kid 22cm 220 22cm
4 Big Kid 36 3.5 Big Kid 22.5cm-23cm 225-230 22.5cm-23cm
5 Big Kid 37-37.5 4.5 Big Kid 23cm-23.5cm 230-235 23cm-23.5cm
6 Big Kid 38.5 5.5 Big Kid 24cm 240 24cm

Color: Small egg yolk

Size: 170inner length 17cm

Product Description

It is the perfect gift for babies and children. This slipper is ideal for everyday use and can be used as an under shoe. It is a fashionable and comfortable choice that is easy to slip on and off. It is a fun and beautiful style to dress up or dress down. A good gift that is both useful and fun to wear. These slippers are designed to accommodate growing feet. They are made of high quality EVA material that is both comfortable and durable. They are designed for everyday wear, and are easy to slip on and off. The non-slip EVA material is a good choice for baby and toddlers. The good quality EVA material ensures the slippers keep their shape. The cool and practical design ensures the slippers are comfortable to wear. They are well-made and durable, and are perfect for a variety of occasions.

Size Information:
150 (inner length 15cm)(Suitable for 1-3 years old), 
160 (inner length 16cm)(Suitable for 4 and a half years old), 
170 (inner length 17cm)(Suitable for 5 and a half years old),
180 (inner length 18cm)(Suitable for 6 and a half years old),
190 (inner length 19cm)(Suitable for 7 years old), 
200 (inner length 20cm)(Suitable for 8 years old),
210 (inner length 21cm)(Suitable for 9 years old),
220 (inner length 22cm)(Suitable for 10-11 years old),