5X Plus UV LED Lamp For Nails Dryer 54W/48W/36W Ice Lamp For Manicure

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Ships From: CA

Color: 54W White (EU Plug)

Product Description

No matter how hard you try, your nails can still be damaged. The longer they are, the easier they become to break. Now, there's a better way to protect your nails from breakage and shorten the time spent on your manicure. This LED lamp dries nails quickly, leaving them stronger and shinier. The powerful LED light works with all gels and no special equipment is required. After drying nails, simply turn the lamp off and it will automatically shut off after 10 minutes. The display on the lamp lets you know how long it's been on and how much time remains. This is a must-have for anyone who loves their gels and really needs to get them done quickly.

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