Slim Patch Navel Sticker For Fat Burning And Weight Loss

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Product Description

The Slim Patch is a great way to tone and tighten the belly, as well as remove excess body fat. The patch is made of medical grade adhesive, and is easy to apply. Just peel a small piece off and place on the navel. The patch is designed to stay on all day, and is best to use in the evening, between 8pm and 3am. Simply apply some warm compresses before applying the patch, this will make the patch adhere to the skin better. When applying the patch, it is best to keep the navel elevated, so that the patch is more aligned with the navel. After you have applied the patch, you can also apply a bit of lotion to the navel, this will make the patch stick to the skin better.

Magnetic Abdominal Sticker Weight Lose Navel Sticker

It can stimulates lipid metabolism for breaking down fat storage. Apply the weight loss stickers directly onto your navel for 8-12 hours. Boosts energy level, curbs food cravings. With magnetic waves and passes through the skin 8-12 cm in depth through transdermal transportation. Navel patches can effectively control the normal metabolism of the body, inhibit the synthesis of fat, promote the decomposition of body fat and fat, and rebuild the fat metabolism function.
1. Clean the skin and keep the skin dry.
2. Open the outer packing, post the sticker on your belly.
3. One piece a day or every other day, using time is 8 hours and shall not more than 10 hours.
4. Combined with a moderate amount of sports and reasonable diet, the slimming effect is much better.
1. Do not use it on the wounded skin
2. If you have any discomfort during the process of using, please stop using it.
3.Skin abnormalities or the use of the phenomenon of skin irritation, please stop using it immediately. Pregnant women, the elderly, young children should not be used.
Usage method:
Paste directly on the navel, it is best to use warm towel before sticking, more conducive to absorption If your skin is sensitive to the adhesive, you can apply some moisture around the navel before using the skin cream, the basic problem that can be solved with allergies Use 1 piece per day. Recommended to use at night, the use of time about 12 - 8 hours is perfect Function: weight loss for all skin, also combine with exercise, and keep healthy diet, that's the point

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