0-6T Baby Girls And Boys Stretchy Denim Pants

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Please see product information below.

Color: Thin Denim 4066

Size: 4-5T

Product Information

This Chumhey 0-6T Spring Autumn Baby Kids Jeans Pants are made of stretchy cotton denim, providing comfort and flexibility for your growing child. The material is soft and friendly to baby's delicate skin, making it perfect for any season.

Size Information

Please choose size depend on the kids height.


1. Stretch Denim

2. High Quality

3. Cotton lining

--- Ripped Holes ---


Toddler Boys Strechy

1.High Quality

2.Stretch Denim

3.Adjustable Length

4. Cotton Denim

--- Stretch Waist ------ Ajustable Length ------ Stretch Soft Denim ---


1.High Quality

2. Stretchy Denim

3. Embroidery Letter

4. Cotton Denim

--- Embroidery Letters ------ Ripped Holes ------ Stretchy Soft Denim ---


1.High Quality

2. Stretchy Denim

3. 100% Cotton

--- High Stretchy Denim ------ High Quality Cotton Denim Material ---


--- Ajustable Length ------Soft Stretchy Denim ---